Sunday Worship

8 am Said Holy Communion

This is a said service of Holy Communion, which takes place in the Side Chapel, using the Book of Common Prayer. The service usually lasts around 45 minutes.

10:30am  Parish Communion

This is our main service with Bible teaching and Holy Communion. Our words (liturgy) come from Common Worship. Junior Church occurs in our church hall for children and young people who then join the church in the second half of the service. On special Sundays of the month we worship all together in more interactive ways (see calendar). The service usually lasts around 75 minutes. 


Mid-week Worship

For a home visit or holy communion please get in touch at the Contact Us page. 


Coming soon...

Once monthly evening contemporary Worship service


How we worship at All Saints

Worship services at All Saints have two parts: The Liturgy of the Word concentrates on the Scriptures, which tell the story of God’s interaction with humankind. The Liturgy of the Sacrament recalls the meal Jesus took part in on the night before he died. He gave the sharing of bread and wine a whole new meaning declaring that it was ‘my body, given for you’, and 'my blood, shed for you’. The bread and wine become, for those gathered, much more than just simple symbols.

Whether it is at the quiet service of Prayer Book Holy Communion, the contemporary language Wednesday Communion, or the Parish Communion at which the whole church gather, the actions of the ministers and people recall the actions of Christ’s people over many centuries. Do join us in the journey. You will find a warm welcome.