Church holiday

There are many ways in which the church can holiday together. Of course, holiday derives form the word Holy Day. For the church community, Christian festivals and pilgrimages are important ways in which relationship can be deepened with God and one another. Doing so has always characterised the people of God. Psalm 122 expresses the eager anticipation of pilgrims setting off to Jerusalem for the festival. All Saints Church rejoices in the many ways in which God communicates with his people. We are each unique and have different spiritual temperaments. The holy day gathering or pilgrimage which best facilitates your journey with God will be particular to you. Aware that this is so these are just a few of the pilgrimages or festivals that you might like to consider attending: On Fire, Spring Harvest, New Wine, Taize, Greenbelt. The vicar's family attend the New Wine National gathering annually. If you would like to accompany them on this Christian holiday, please get in touch so that your places can be reserved and members of church can camp together. If you are able to arrange a group trip to a Christian festival or pilgrimage, please make your information available, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..