Spencer Perceval

All Saints is the Spencer Perceval Commemoration Church. It was built through the generosity of one of Spencer Perceval's daughters who bequeathed the sum of £5,000 to erect a Church and Tower in the memory of her father in her will dated 24th July 1899.

Spencer Perceval was the Prime Minister of Great Britain from 1809 until his death in 1812. He was assassinated in the House of Commons by John Bellingham, in the afternoon of May 11, 1812. He is our only Prime Minister to have been assassinated.

This section of our web site will chronicle his life and death using material from our archives and other sources and will be updated gradually over the next few months so please return and see the new information that we have been able to gather about the life and times of

BORN: 1st November, 1762
ASSASSINATED: May 11, 1812.

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