Financial Giving

We have to:
Create an environment honouring to God for our Worship of Him and this means maintaining the fabric of the Church.
Providing heating and lighting for the Church and Parish Hall, insuring the Church and Parish Hall and keeping them clean.
Provide for the mission that God has communicated to us: to reach out to our community in ways that engage the young and children, the vulnerable and those finding faith and community with us.
Our financial year runs from the 1st January to the 31st December.

We have four sources of income to help us meet these costs:
Donations by the congregation
Income from letting the Hall
Fund Raising events and charitable giving and one-off gifts
Church Fees from weddings and funerals which provide a small amount only, much of this money going to the wider diocese
If the donations are covered by Gift Aid then we can reclaim the basic rate tax already paid by the donor from HMRC.

To provide us with a more predictable income stream it would be very helpful if you would join our Planned Giving Scheme. You can do this by setting up a Standing Order in favour of the Church and, if possible, making a Gift Aid declaration. The relevant form can be found Standing Order Form when you have completed it please detach the Standing Order section and send it to your bank. Please send the remainder of the Form to the Gift Aid Officer, 5 Warwick Dene, London W5 3JG.

Why is Giving important?
Christian Giving is the response which we the Church, collectively and individually, are called to make to God for all that he has given us and done for us in the life, death an resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Our response is active:
– as we respond to God in praise and thanksgiving
– as we look on the universe as God's creation
– as we treat the earth and its resources as God's provision for the needs of all mankind
– as we seek to consecrate our personal wealth and talents to God
– as we regard our lives, possessions and money as gifts from God to be enjoyed and used in his service
– as we seek to be "Stewards of the Gospel" and to share in Christ's mission to the world

In practical terms, as the stewards of All Saints, this means that we have a responsibility to use our talents and wealth to achieve the All Saints Mission Action Plan which we will be renewing for our vision for 2017-2020.

The opportunities for us all to get involved in this are limited only by our own imagination and willingness to come forward. You can shape the vision as it takes focus over the next few weeks and months.

For the commitment we make to the wider church and the life of the diocese out of which our clergy and ordained and licenced staff are housed and stipended and the people of God are trained for mission see here

All of us are called to provide time and talents towards the achievement of our Mission here as Jesus' disciples. Sometimes the most difficult part is making the first move to get involved. However, once vision is owned and shared, the Holy Spirit will be at work and you will know a joy in your work towards God's plan here on earth to bring all things into better harmony with his good plans and purposes. There is a real satisfaction in being involved in something worthwhile and in building God's Kingdom here on earth you will be given the motivation and enthusiasm you need to carry on. Please speak to church members about the gifts and talents you can offer the community.

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