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Please get in touch to enquire about baptisms. All Saints church baptises in the main Parish Eucharist because baptism signifies your commitment to journeying with God in community in the local church. As a contrast a Thanksgiving Service can be arranged, if your purpose is to mark the gift of life that is your child and thank God and begin to explore faith. Sometimes it is more appropriate to consider baptism later once you have begun to engage with God's story in Jesus Christ.

Baptism preparation is a prerequisite to baptism and the vicar will be in touch with you to arrange this. The community at All Saints loves to welcome new members into God's Kingdom and the baptism service will be very much orientated towards your family and child. A baptism friend will keep you up to date with church events and extend invitations to you as guardians or parents so that there is that real sense of joining a supportive and welcoming community.

If however, you do not live in the parish you need to have a careful word with the Clergy, because unless you are a regular worshipper and on the electoral roll, it would be more appropriate to approach your own parish church.

However, please do not hesitate to come forward and discuss this with the Clergy.


We have an annual confirmation service. Confirmation is literally the confirming of Baptism vows in the presence of the Bishop, accompanied by his laying on of hands (prayer). In the Church of England in confirmation we really appropriate for ourselves the promises that parents and godparents might once have spoken on our behalf when we were too young to really decide for ourselves. In confirmation you commit to actively living out your faith as a disciple of Christ. Confirmation candidates usually include younger and more mature adults. However, confirmation is open to you as soon as you are ready to make promises of faith yourself for your future life.


All Saints provides a lovely setting for a wedding, please contact the clergy if you want further information. You can be married at All Saints if you have a qualifying connection (check you have a qualifying connection here).

If you are getting married elsewhere, you will need to have your Banns (notice of intent to marry) read at All Saints if All Saints is your Parish Church (check by entering your postcode here). If you need Banns reading, contact the local clergy on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and download an explanatory Banns booklet and then a Banns form and fill it in and send to the vicar once you have introduced yourself either in person or by email.


Deanery policy is that all funerals within the parish are referred to the local Clergy and we are particularly concerned to support the bereaved so do not hesitate to contact us.